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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Good Food Show Harrogate

Good Food Show Galavanting

I was lucky enough to get a 'pass out'
the other weekend and
off I went with my lovely friend Sheena,
for an adventure on the train down to Harrogate,
to see James Martin and visit the
 Good Food Show.

What a lovely day we had.

It started with an early departure from Durham station.
I was surprised just how busy the
station was for a sunny, Sunday morning.

(I think most of the other travellers were headed to the same destination as us.)
It was a lovely journey down.
A chance to chat and catch up on things.
Sheena and I work together but she has been away on maternity leave
for what feels like forever,
so it was great to while away the time hearing all about things.

We arrived at Harrogate mid morning,
and after a little stroll down from the station to the exhibition centre,
(of course, it had started to rain by the time we did arrive,
so it was perhaps more of a scurry than a stroll,)
it was time for the fun to begin.

It was the first time I had visited the exhibition centre but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the venue itself
and the very good organisation of the day.
Plenty of well furbished toilets, staff very friendly and helpful, etc.
Altogether a far better experience than some of the places we
have visited in recent years.

magnificent meringues

The lay out at the show was pretty much the same as it always it -
A plethora of stalls selling their wares.
Everything from kitchen appliances to tasty morsels,
and plenty of scrumptious samples to try.

The absolute highlight of the whole day was the delicious

We stumbled into him at the tail end of a book signing.

Sheena 'brushed' past his arm whilst heading to an interview session.
Yes, she actually made contact with his arm.
She will be forever a happy girl.

The final cherry on the cake was sitting front row at
James' cooking demo.

I have to confess I paid no attention to what he was cooking.
I sat there in a trance, 
 hanging on his every word throughout the entire
thirty minutes he was on stage,
and can't actually remember what he said!!

All told we had an amazing,  
fun day and I can't wait for the next one,
(probably next year).

Until next time,

enjoy your day!


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Giant Granny Square Blanket

Cosy Cat Crochet

I was sorting through my wool stash after
Christmas and came across a
bag full of wool I had bought from Poundland
of all places.
I must confess,
I couldn't even remember buying the stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wool.
Sometimes cheap wool is exactly that,
This wool however,
 felt quite soft to the touch
and the choice of colours weren't bad either.

I pondered for a little while, 'what on earth I could do with it?',
and the idea for a little blanket for Jaffa
came to mind.

Everyone in the house has had something made for them
in recent months
but poor Jaffa has been somewhat forgotten about.

I have mentioned my cat,
to you before
a.k.a. Stupid Cat
He is not the most affectionate of cats.
In fact, any affection is very much on his terms.
He does't' do cuddles or sitting on your lap,
only wants to be touched when he is hungry,
and has the philosophy
"why scratch when a hiss will do?"

Over the years, we have all come to have
mutual understanding
for each other.
We have our space and he has his own.
The children learnt from a very early age not to bother him.
On the odd occasion he strolls upstairs to see
what is going on,
the kids tend to stiffen up into rigid statues and inform me
"Jaffa is up here".
It's actually quite funny to see their reaction to him
(in a cruel way).

I know my description makes him sound awful
but he really is not all that bad.
You just need to know how to treat him.

So I thought best to keep the design simple,
and plumped for a giant granny square style.

I ran an alternate row of white with each colour,
which looked quite pretty,
and seemed to accentuate the contrasting colours.

The wool was comfortable to work with,
and didn't split or separate either.

In all, I would say this wool was not a bad buy.

I do read some of the brilliant blogs out there,
where they use such beautiful
(and terribly) expensive wools,
and wish my purse strings could stretch
to such luxurious buys.
A girl can dream, right ?

Any how, my little cat blankie came together
 in the space of a couple of evenings
and the pom poms on each corner were a fun project for
Miss B and me to play around with.

This was such a quick and simple project
and the end result was very satisfying.

I think Jaffa was suitably impressed with his present too.

Until next time, enjoy your day.